Architect’s charity efforts

Doug Fowler

Doug Fowler - Credit: supplied

A CLEVEDON architect has raised hundreds of pounds for charity and is hoping to continue adding to the total.

Doug Fowler has taken part in the Architect in the House scheme for more than five years and has raised £800 for the homeless charity, Shelter, as a result.

Architect in the House is a joint initiative between the charity and the Royal Institute of British Architects.

It allows homeowners to receive an hour consultation with a participating architect in return for a suggested £45 donation to Shelter.

Doug said: “In 2012, I carried out 18 visits which resulted in over £800 being raised for Shelter. I would like to pass the £1,000 mark in 2013.

“I urge anyone in North Somerset and surrounding areas who is thinking of undertaking work on their home, to use an architect who has signed up for Architect in the House. We can help people unleash the potential of their homes while helping those with more significant housing problems.”

For more details call 01275 349076 or visit