Ale enthusiast’s dream realised


A REAL ale enthusiast from Clevedon has seized the chance to realise his dream of owning his own microbrewery.

Keith Hayles and his wife Deb launched the Twisted Oak Brewery in September and are now producing a range of three beers.

Based at Yeowood Farm in Wrington, the six-barrel operation is currently a part-time venture but the Woodside Road couple hope to make it full-time later this year.

Keith, aged 45, has 20 years’ experience of home brewing and took the chance last year to turn his hobby into a business.

The first three beers, called Fallen Tree, Spun Gold and Old Barn are now on sale at The Old Barn in Wraxall and The Plough in Conrgesbury.

Keith, who also works as an IT project manager, said: “All three beers have been very well-received and the support we have had from local pubs has been tremendous.

“Each batch of beer is made by hand and is a labour of love.

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“It’s probably the best job in the world – I take water, hops, barley and yeast and end up with beer. What could be better?

“I would love to find an outlet for our Fallen Tree ale in Clevedon as it is named after the Clevedon pub I used to frequent in my youth.”

For more details about the brewery visit Keith’s blog at