360 tours for a better online experience

A HUSBAND and wife have launched a new business after becoming frustrated while booking holidays online and not being able to see what hotels and locations really have to offer.

Marguerite and Tim Pople from Clapton-in-Gordano started the company 36TY to create walk-through, panoramic tours for websites, perfect for any company with a product, service or location they want to show off.

Marguerite, aged 55, said: “Three out of four of us research products online, so, to stand out from the crowd businesses need to be more creative with their websites.

“Having photos is great but when looking at something online – say a restaurant, property or holiday destination – a flat image can’t give you the full picture.”

Marguerite, a keen amateur photographer, is the creative brains behind 36TY, with husband Tim developing the technical aspect.

Tim, aged 54, said: “The possibilities are endless – universities, car dealers, holiday homes, community centres, casinos, spas, theme parks, self-storage firms and museums, to name just a few, could all get a massive boost from having a 360 tour on their website.”