Burglars target home of cancer victim

A WIFE was left devastated when her home was burgled less than a day after she moved to Portishead to care for her terminally ill husband.

Jane Brown moved into a top-floor apartment in Centre Quay overlooking the town’s marina to allow her husband Terry to come home from hospital.

But, the next day thieves managed to get into the secure building before raiding their new home.

Jane had been visiting Terry at Frenchay Hospital when the burglary took place during the afternoon of December 16. No other apartment in the Lower Burlington Road building was targeted.

Jane, aged 57, said: “I would like the people who burgled me to know the consequences of their actions.

“The only way I could get my husband out of hospital was to move.

“At our home in north Bristol he would’ve been stuck in one room for the rest of his life.

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“I found this lovely apartment overlooking the marina to give him some quality of life.

“I want the culprits to know the stress my husband and I are going through at this time.

“I wanted to make his last Christmas special but they took that away.”

Terry, aged 59, was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2010 before the disease spread to his lungs, brain and spine, causing him to lose the use of his legs.

At their new home, Jane had set up a TV and also a Nintendo Wii games console for him to use when he came home.

Both of these were stolen during the burglary, along with an iPad Jane uses to work from home and a box of business paperwork.

Jane said: “I’m not bothered about the value of the stuff that was taken but everything they took was significant.

“The box of paperwork would have no value to them whatsoever.

“I am the sole breadwinner now, so to have that taken is very important.”

Police are investigating the burglary and are appealing for anyone with information or anyone who saw someone acting suspiciously in the area to call them on 101.