Boy’s 1,000 mile ride

A 12-YEAR-OLD boy accompanied his dad on an epic 1,000 mile bike ride from Valencia to Clevedon.

Richard and David Anthony, aged 46, rode for about 50 miles per day during their 19-day challenge, which they took on for the sheer hell of it.

Their journey took them through Spanish deserts, over the Pyrenees mountain range and past French vineyards before they boarded a ferry to England.

The father and son, who trained for three months before the challenge, camped out along the way, carrying their minimal supplies on their bikes.

Upon arriving in Clevedon, they were met by David’s parents at the town’s pier.

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David said: “Some 20 years ago I did a similar challenge, riding from England to Spain. When my son was younger I used to tell him about it.

“He kept pestering me about it, saying he wanted to do it, so I said he could when he was 12.

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“He really enjoyed it and it will give him memories for the rest of his life.”

Richard and David have lived in Spain for the past seven years, along with Richard’s mum Eva and sister Lara. The whole family will return to Clevedon to live at the end of this month to allow Richard to attend Clevedon School.

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