Beauty spot sex claim shock

MEN looking for sex with strangers at a popular Clevedon beauty spot are causing concerns for people living nearby.

It is understood the car park in Bay Road and a coastal path leading to Ladye Bay have become a place for gay men to meet with strangers for sex and some couples have been disturbed by unsuspecting dog walkers.

It is believed men have been leaving messages for each other in a toilet block at Six Ways before making their way to Bay Road and Ladye Bay car park, where there is a path leading down the hillside to an area of woodland.

One man, whose dog disturbed two men in the car park, said they got up, jumped in a car and drove off before returning five minutes later.

He said: “I presume they had both driven to the car park to meet and came back to pick up the other car.

“People who know this is happening in the area are worried to go there.

“I know that some men will sit on the steps of the disused toilets with binoculars and then anyone they spot walking down the path they use will get accosted.”

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It is believed that in some areas of woodland pieces of carpet have been found on the ground along with adult magazines.

The Ladye Bay car park, coastal path and nearby wooded area is recommended as a popular haunt for gay men on an online website, which tells people that those going there should be discreet due to the number of dog walkers using the area.

The site also recommends the best times of day for men to go to the area.

An Avon and Somerset police spokesman said “We have received one complaint from a member of the public, which is being followed up by the local neighbourhood policing team. If anyone has further information or witnesses any suspicious behaviour we urge them to contact us on 0845 456 7000.”

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