Bag that poo... any bin will do

A DOG cafe and grooming salon in Nailsea has set up a campaign to encourage dog owners to pick up after their pets.

The campaign entitled Bag that Poo...Any Bin Will Do is aimed at letting people know they can use any bin to dispose of dog mess as long as it is in a bag.

Dogs Palace owner, Carolyn Price has started the campaign to try to stop North Somerset Council from banning dogs from recreation areas by getting owners to clear up after their dogs.

She said: “Dogs need their exercise and they simply won’t get a good run if kept on the lead, so these bans would be a terrible shame for every dog and their owner.

“We are appealing to the council to hold off enforcing these bans until we have run this campaign and we are appealing to all dog owners to pick up after their dogs.”

Staff have designed a sticker which will be put on every bin in the area to try to clear up North Somerset’s streets and parks.