Council issues Covid reminder ahead of school return

High school student taking notes from book while wearing face mask due to coronavirus emergency. You

North Somerset Council have warned that measures will be taken if Covid cases rise as kids return to school. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

North Somerset Council has asked parents to remain aware of the risk of Covid as children return to school this month.

Both remote learning and face coverings could return in schools and colleges across the district if a rise in confirmed cases were to coincide with the beginning of the academic year.

The authority's executive for health, Cllr Mike Bell, confirmed that in any scenario, it would prioritise North Somerset students' education.

Cllr Bell said: “Being in school is absolutely the best thing for the health and wellbeing of most children. Having that social contact with friends and time to learn is essential.

“But, Covid is still an ongoing problem for our communities, and we will need to respond quickly to any outbreaks to reduce the risk of it spreading further into society and reaching more vulnerable people.

“Which means temporary measures may sometimes need to be put in place in some schools to make sure staff and children can remain as safe as possible. These will be as undisruptive as possible, as our aim is to prioritise the education of our children.

“This is the same approach public health would take to any outbreak of any disease in schools.”

Cllr Mike Bell.

Cllr Mike Bell said remote learning may be reintroduced if Covid cases rise as kids return to school. - Credit: NSC

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Currently, North Somerset's case rate per 100,000 people stands at 341.4, higher than England's 308.

The council's latest figures reveal that in the seven days leading up to August 29, there were 736 confirmed Covid cases in the area and one reported death associated with coronavirus.

North Somerset Council's director of public health, Matt Lenny, has reminded people to keep using the NHS Test and Trace app to contain the virus in their neighbourhoods.

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Mr Lenny said: “As well as helping to contain outbreaks, our role in public health is to understand how Covid is spreading in our community so we can advise everyone of how to stay safe.

“This is why we have NHS Test and Trace, which contacts people who test positive to check where they have been and who they have been in contact with.

“If you or your children test positive, please help us by working with the contact tracers as this will help us understand how and where Covid is spreading.

“It is also important to let the school know if you get a positive test as they will have plans in place to deal with Covid cases and will need to get us involved if they are seeing high numbers of infections.”