Baby gibbon born at Noah’s Ark

Baby gibbon born at Noah’s Ark

A MISCHIEVOUS new baby has been attracting hosts of people to the gibbon enclosure at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in Wraxall.

The attraction is celebrating the birth of the young gibbon, yet to be named, who is being nursed by caring mum Salone.

The little ape will soon become a fun playmate for eager one-year-old brother Sultana, the first born gibbon to proud parents Salome and Samson.

Siamang gibbons are endangered in the wild so the birth is also a huge boost for ape conservation efforts.

Primate Keeper Sadie Garland said: “I’m so pleased for Salome and Samson that they now have a growing family to look after and little Sultana has a playmate to interact with in the coming months, helping both infants develop their character and behaviours.

“We’re really glad to be providing a good enriched home for these important apes, which seem to be thriving here at Noah’s Ark.”