Artist brightens up Nailsea

Artist brightens up Nailsea

A TALENTED illustrator from Nailsea has been jazzing up the North Somerset countryside by adding his colourful designs to a piece of farming equipment.

Robert Trinick, aged 22, who is studying illustration at Loughborough University, spotted an old water butt at a farm in Nailsea and asked the farmer if he could add a lick of paint to the tank.

He said: “Having introduced myself to Graham, the farmer who owned the land, I was granted full artistic license to paint it in any manner I chose.

“Considering the original use of the tank, to provide the cows with water, I thought it appropriate to depict the residents of the field on the side of it.

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“The images are large and fun and I wanted to make passers-by do a double take and really engage with what would otherwise have been something of little or no interest.”

Robert, who wants to produce large art works for big events when he finishes university, is keen to put his illustration skills to work around Nailsea and would like to hear from anyone who would like his art work added to their equipment or walls. Anyone interested can email Robert at

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