Army recruits

THREE former pupils from Nailsea School have begun a coveted training course at Army Foundation College in Harrogate.

Matthew Puttock, aged 17, Curtis Disley, aged 17, and Michael Shoesmith, aged 16, attended school together and will now be training side-by-side as they prepare for life in the British Army.

The trio had to undergo months of tests including maths and English exams, intense physical training and learn everything they need to know about the job they want to do in the army.

They were up against hundreds of other youngsters as they battled to be selected to take part in the 49-week training course.

Curtis’ mum, Sam Disley said: “I’m really proud of how far Curtis took his training. He realised 18 months ago that he wanted to go into the army and he did all the groundwork. He’s done everything himself and I know the other boys worked really hard as well.

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“They had to do lots of tests to make sure they really want it. It’s not easy to get into. We are immensely proud of all the boys.

“Curtis wants to go into the rifles. It’s a bit scary to think he wants to go into front line work, but they are really well looked after. Once they’re 18 they will sign them up to be in the army.”

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The college is extremely hard to get into and combines basic army training with a rounded curriculum of further education.

They will not be allowed to take part in active military service before their 18th birthday.

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