Appeal to stop wind turbine

CONCERNED villagers from Backwell and Chelvey are appealing for help to stop a wind turbine being built near their homes.

E Vowles and Sons has applied to North Somerset Council for planning permission to put up a wind turbine at Grove Farm in West Town Road, Backwell.

A number of villagers living in nearby Chelvey have already raised concerns and are appealing for the council to reject the plans.

Commenting on the proposal, Timothy and Elizabeth Lunn, of Chelvey Road, said: “Firstly it is too big, too close to residential dwellings and wholly inappropriate and out of character with the surrounding environment.

“By virtue of its height, movement and noise, it will impinge on Chelvey hamlet, which is a conservation area.”

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Grove Farm is a progressive dairy farm and in a report to the council, the owner claims he needs a wind turbine to keep his business competitive as electricity is one of his highest costs.

But objectors are urging the owner to consider solar panels instead.

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Commenting on the online application, Stephen and Ann Fox, of Chelvey Road, Backwell, said: “The proposed wind turbine is in our direct line of vision and will dramatically impact on our general living standards.

“This structure is a blot on the landscape and if approved will see a turbine, that will exceed 100ft high, towering over all and any dwellings in the vicinity.

“The noise pollution will be excessive with the sound from the rotating blades continually droning in the background.

“This too will have a meaningful effect on any local wildlife that we are all encouraged to protect. We would also suffer from what is known as the ‘flicker effect’, known to be detrimental to our health.”

Villagers are urging anyone with concerns to write to the council or comment on the application online.

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