Appeal to make Backwell crossing safer

WORRIED pedestrians are appealing for a pavement to be widened on a busy Backwell road.

Nick Hewitt, of Kellways, has been leading the appeal to get the path widened next to the Rising Sun Pub, to make access to the new crossing safer for pedestrians.

Speaking at Backwell Parish Council meeting on Thursday, Mr Hewitt said: “I and many other people at that end of the village are delighted with the new crossing.

“However, I do feel it’s been marred because the pavement has not been widened at this location.”

Mr Hewitt has been speaking to villagers about the issue and has collected more than 70 signatures in support of the appeal. He said: “People feel this stretch of road is dangerous, particularly when HGVs go by.

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“One person told me how they were nearly sucked under a lorry.

“Elderly people said they were not able to get their mobility scooters down there so they feel trapped.

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“Grandparents and parents struggle with buggies and many people who walk their dogs have to walk with the dogs in front or behind them because there’s not room for them on the pavement as well.

“It makes it a very dangerous stretch of pavement and there is overwhelming support for it to be widened.

“I think it would really enhance the new crossing and improve the lives of the people living in and accessing that part of the village.”

Mr Hewitt added that the pavement is 0.6m wide at its narrowest point and claims the estimated cost of widening the path is just under �5,000.

Backwell Parish Council agreed to support the project and said it would pass the matter to the finance working party to see how much it can pay towards the scheme before approaching funding bodies for extra help.

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