Anger over Lake Grounds bungee

The bungee equipment at Portishead Lake Grounds

The bungee equipment at Portishead Lake Grounds - Credit: Archant

RESIDENTS fighting for new equipment to be installed at Portishead Lake Grounds say the appearance of a bungee jumping rig at the beauty spot has left them ‘reeling in utter disbelief’.

The introduction of the attraction follows North Somerset Council’s refusal to allow the town council to install play apparatus at the site despite the fact money is available for the project.

A post recently left on the Lake Grounds Play Equipment Campaign (LG-PEC) website said: “I just wanted to share my utter disbelief at the fact that a huge bungee jump piece of equipment has been installed next to the boathouse.”

This triggered a wave of responses from members who are appealing to North Somerset Council to reconsider its decision.

A spokesman for LG-PEC said: “Is it me or has North Somerset Council completely lost the plot?

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“We are told we can’t have new play equipment because it will encourage youths to hang around the Lake Grounds, the proposed equipment is too high, which residents apparently object to because it spoils their view, and it will set a precedent for other development to be allowed at the Lake Grounds.

“Well, I think a large piece of metal scaffolding is more of an eyesore and more of a danger than any of the play equipment we would like to see installed.”

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The four exciting pieces it was hoped could be added to the existing play equipment included a wind rider for balancing on, jumping apparatus called Wipe Out, a hamster wheel-type fixture and a sweeping seesaw called a Slingshot.

A North Somerset Council spokesman said: “The bungee jump was put up as part of the concession for children’s rides on a designated area of land.

“It was a temporary arrangement while another ride was undergoing maintenance and it is expected to be removed this week.”

The LG-PEC recently carried out a survey of more than 200 people which showed 77 per cent of respondents want to see the new equipment at the Lake Grounds. Portishead Town Council has agreed to write to North Somerset to ask it to reconsider the request.

For more information about the play equipment survey or the campaign email lakegrounds_play_equipment

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