America beckons for Mum’s List family

A CLEVEDON family will travel to New York to promote a book which is set to take America by storm and could be made into a film.

Mum’s List by St John Greene, known to many as Singe, became a bestseller in the UK when it was released in March, capturing the hearts of thousands.

Written by the 36-year-old following the death of his wife, Kate, to breast cancer, the book details the couple’s life together and the poignant list created by Kate of more than 100 items she wanted Singe to fulfil with their sons, Reef and Finn, as they grow up.

Following its success in the UK, Mum’s List has now been released in America and translated into 12 different languages.

An interview with Singe published in TIME magazine has already created substantial interest in the book, which has started creeping up the American charts, and this should only increase when Singe, Finn and Reef fly out to New York this month.

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Singe of Westfield, who is still overwhelmed by the success of Mum’s List, said: “The book has gone from uncharted to being in the top 200 and we have not even been out to America to do any publicity yet.

“We’ve also sold it to the Czech Republic for more than Jamie Oliver’s latest book – it is obviously being well-received around the world.

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“It is still so surreal. I can’t describe it.

“This is quite an emotional journey for me to go on. I think Kate would approve.”

Mum’s List has also attracted interest from film companies in both the UK and America.

Singe said Kylie Minogue would be the best person to play Kate, because he thinks Kate looked like Kylie, and he would choose Rupert Grint, of Harry Potter fame, to play him as a youngster and then the comedian Ricky Gervais as him in later life.

Singe, who runs water sports and first aid company, Training Saints, added: “If America kicks off it could go massive.

“It is only early days at the moment but there is one American company which has expressed an interest and is waiting to see what happens with the book.

“Whoever would play Kate would need to be little and blonde with lots of attitude.”

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