Allotment closure threat growing


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ALLOTMENTS in Portishead could be closed if a committee cannot be found to help run them.

Portishead Town Council’s recreation and works committee has warned plot holders that Gertie Gale’s allotments in North Weston may have to close if future committee members do not come forward.

The entire committee resigned last month after a row over running costs.

The allotments, owned by the town council, opened in 2011 and a committee made up of plot holders was formed in 2012.

However, earlier this year, when the town council announced it wanted to keep £1,500 of the £1,610 plot rent, leaving a budget of only £110 for the committee to use for the administration and maintenance of the site, all of the committee members resigned.

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Former secretary Lorraine Rowsell said: “Threatening to close the allotments will not persuade me to return to the committee.

“I joined in good faith and had no idea we would be on our own and expected to fundraise to cover costs to maintain the allotment site, which includes grass cutting, maintenance of fences and the gate, insurance and administration.”

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The council now says that allotment holders will be required to set up a new committee to replace the one which resigned. It has also recommended the new committee then levies the rent they deem fit to cover running costs.

Mrs Rowsell added: “If the councillors wants to put up the rent that is up to them, but as a committee we were not prepared to knock on plot holders’ doors asking for more money to help us run the site.”

A meeting of the council and plot holders will now be arranged in an attempt to find a new committee.

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