Allotment ballot cancelled

A BALLOT of allotment holders in Nailsea asking if they want to become self-managed has been called off.

The Times reported in January tenants of plots at Whitesfield Road and Engine Lane were to be asked if they want to form a committee, enabling them to make decisions for themselves.

The move would mean a quicker turnaround than currently because issues have to go through Nailsea Town Council, who own the sites.

But its leisure facilities committee decided when it met last month to wait and see how the system works if allotments go ahead at Gaulacre, also in Engine Lane.

It was also decided that rents would increase by 1p per square metre and there will no longer be a discount for new OAP tenants from the beginning of this month.

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The town council, which wants allotments at Gaulacre in a bid to reduce a three-year wait, has 137 allotments with 90 people on the waiting list.

It has already received positive feedback from allotment holders regarding self-management, and would like any new ones to become self-managed from the outset.

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