Air ambulance lands in Clevedon

AN AIR ambulance landed in Clevedon on Sunday afternoon after an elderly man went into cardiac arrest.

Great Western Ambulance Service was called after the man in his 80s reportedly fell down the stairs at his home.

A land ambulance and a rapid response vehicle were sent to the scene before an air ambulance was called for at about 4.15pm.

It was landed in a car park off Great Western Road, where police officers had been called to ensure a crowd of people did not get in the way.

It was first intended to take the man to hospital by helicopter. However, after spending time trying to stabilise him enough for the flight, the paramedics and doctor on scene decided to take him by road to the Bristol Royal Infirmary.

On the way, the Clifton Suspension Bridge was cleared of traffic to allow the ambulance a quick path through.