A mum who almost died in childbirth is appealing for more blood donors

PUBLISHED: 06:00 29 June 2017

Tanya and Joe.

Tanya and Joe.


A mum from Portishead who would have died in childbirth without a blood transfusion is appealing for more donors to come forward.

Tanya Saker suffered from a major haemorrhage nine hours after her son Joe was born.

She said: “I was rushed back into theatre under general anaesthetic to see if they could stop the bleeding, but unfortunately they couldn’t.

“From there, I was taken from St Michael’s Hospital to the BRI in Bristol in an ambulance with my consultant obstetrician, an anaesthetist and a midwife for more emergency surgery, but this time for interventional radiology.

“They eventually managed to stop the bleeding by permanently cutting the blood supply of the arteries to my womb.”

Tanya spent a couple of days in intensive care before being transferred back to St Michael’s Hospital where she was reunited with her son.

She said: “It took a good six months to get my strength and energy levels fully back so I was capable of being a mum.

“In total I received at least 23 units of blood from blood donors, a mixture of red blood cells, plasma, platelets and fresh frozen plasma.

“I’m so hugely grateful to the donors and the NHS staff who looked after me that I struggle to find the words to thank them properly.

“Those two little words don’t quite seem to be enough. Blood donation is such a selfless thing to do that can make such a huge difference to people’s lives.

“I’m certain that without those donors who gave their 23 units of blood, I wouldn’t be here today to see my son grow up.”

Tanya has spoken about her experiences to encourage more donors to come forward.

NHS Blood and Transplant needs 200,000 new blood donors each year to ensure patients have access to the blood they need.

There are currently 4,474 donors in North Somerset, but there is a particular need for more young people to give blood as more than half of the donors in England are over 45.

To sign up as a new donor or to book an appointment, visit www.blood.co.uk or call 03001 232323.

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