CRIME solving returns to a popular North Somerset hotel where a murder mystery night will test the most ardent sleuths wanting to work out who the devious felon is.

Taking place at Cadbury House in Congresbury on Friday, August 16, guests will be challenged to unravel the identity of the cunning murderer while working out their hidden motives.

The evening includes a three-course meal set in the atmospheric Great Room of the 18 Century house, all adding to an unforgettable night of detective work.

The setting for this particular night of dastardly deeds is 1937. With the prospect of a second World War looming on the horizon hostilities have already begun in the local parish church of St Swithin’s.

A priceless family heirloom from Greystone Manor has gone missing and all of the clues point to the Churchwarden as having something to do with it.

The Bell Ringers are ringing off-key, and people are starting to wonder why.

Worse still, something lurks in the churchyard and the flower arranger has received messages from the “other side”.

A church meeting has been organised to discuss the matter, and half of the parish has turned out to get to the bottom of this mystery before something nasty happens.

But too late, because for some, they will be making a ‘grave’ mistake turning up this evening!

Matilda Burgess, marketing manager said: “The murder mystery nights remain as popular as ever. The backdrop of the house and grounds really adds to the atmosphere and guests always get into the spirit of the occasion as the drama unfolds.”

Tickets cost £49.00 per person and includes a three-course meal.

Starters include a Porcini mushroom arancini with Parmesan and truffle mayo.

The main course is a Lemon and thyme roasted chicken with Parmesan and truffle polenta and chargrilled ratatouille while dessert is a delicious Raspberry crème brûlée with vanilla sable biscuit.

Matilda added: “The murder mystery nights really do test people’s investigative instincts and allows those who take part the chance to engage in thrilling discussions with other participants.

"The question is, will people’s intuition and deductive reasoning be enough to crack the case?”

For further information please visit or call 01934 834 343