BRISTOL Airport is eighth in a list showing the UK’s leading airports based on passenger traffic and destinations.

As the summer season approaches, experts at Airport Parking have compiled data on the 15 leading UK airports based on passenger volume in 2023.

The analysis reveals a wealth of information, including the total number of destinations served, countries reached, airlines operating, and the most popular travel destinations per airport.

Bristol Airport had a total of 9,913,011 passengers in 2023.

The full data set can be seen on

Andrew Chambers, a Travel and Transport expert at Airport Parking, has also offered his insight into how to get the cheapest airport parking deals ahead of the summer holidays.

London Heathrow emerged as the top-ranking airport in terms of total passenger traffic, with 79,180,434 individuals passing through its 4 terminals in 2023.

London Gatwick and Manchester closely followed behind, welcoming 40,897,656 and 28,096,783 passengers in 2023 respectively.

London Heathrow also boasts the highest number of destinations, serving 214 locations across 84 countries. With its 4 passenger terminals, the airport also accommodates operations by 89 different airlines, including British Airways.

Dublin and Amsterdam are the most popular departure destinations among the top 15 UK airports analysed, claiming the top position in ten of them.

London Heathrow stands as the only airport among those analysed to offer the most frequented departure route across international waters to New York, JFK.

Andrew Chambers, a Travel and Transport expert at Airport Parking, also shared the following tips for booking affordable airport parking this summer.

“No matter which airport you're flying from for your summer getaway, there are several ways you can minimise your airport parking costs.

Compare different airport parking services: Don't hesitate to compare the prices of different airport parking services, such as park and ride, meet and greet, and on-airport parking.

Explore alternatives: Many airports offer great transportation links, so consider taking a bus or train to the airport to save money. This is especially useful for longer trips or during peak travel times.

Split costs: If you're travelling with family or friends, consider splitting the total parking fee. You might be able to upgrade your parking option for just a few extra pounds each.

Hunt for deals: Look for discounted deals for various airport parking services online. Students or blue badge holders may be eligible for additional discounts.

Monitor prices: Instead of booking your airport parking right away, check the prices over a few months leading up to your getaway to get the best deal.

Watch out for scams: Recently there's been an increase in fraudulent meet-and-greet airport parking schemes. Prior to booking, vet the company by checking customer feedback and conducting a Google search to ensure its legitimacy.”