Two T Level placement positions have opened up at a new project at Bristol Airport.

Griffiths Farrans JV has created the openings within its transformational public transport project as part of its pledge to support the next generation in the construction and civil engineering sectors.

Ned Sturdy and Kimberly Chikonobaya joined the team in April.

T Levels are a qualification in England for students aged 16 to 19 who have finished their GCSEs.

The program balances classroom learning with a hands-on industry placement.

Placement students will help deliver an expanded public transport interchange at Bristol Airport, boasting an updated internal road system and an extra multi-storey car park.

Richard Tidmarsh, infrastructure director, at the company said: "We are delighted to welcome our new placement students to site and look forward to giving them a feel for what real-life work in this industry is like."

Glenn Gilmore, regional director, added: "Investing in the next generation of construction and civil engineering talent ensures that we are contributing to the long-term sustainability of the industry while also providing meaningful opportunities to local students."

Whilst, Andrew Goodenough, infrastructure director at Bristol Airport said: "The placement provides learning in a workplace environment which is invaluable for their future careers."