IN 2017, two North Somerset schoolchildren met a man known as one of the greatest living Britons during filming of a TV documentary.

Sir David Attenborough is beloved by millions for his lifetime achievements creating BAFTA Award-winning nature programmes.

Year Five pupils Lizzie Dudly and Jake Williams of Tickenham Primary School were invited to interview him as part of a new documentary on Slimbridge Wetlands Centre.

The pair quizzed Sir David about his exploits, asking about the rarest animals he has encountered during his globetrotting career, and which creatures have scared him.

Speaking at the time, co-headteacher Tristan Merriam told the Times: “We try to create the richest, most memorable opportunities for our pupils and this occasion was a prime example of the holistic education we offer at Tickenham.

"They were unforgettable moments.”