THE water quality for Clevedon Marine Lake has been deemed as "excellent."

A spokesperson from Clevedon Marine Lake said: "Latest water quality report, fresh back from the lab for sample taken on Monday, May 13.

"Results are deemed 'excellent' as stated for Coastal and Transitional waters in The Bathing Water Regulations 2013."

Clevedon Marine Lake's website explains further: "The water in Clevedon Marine Lake is tested after every series of overtopping tides from May to September. It is rated against EU bathing water standard as: excellent, good, sufficient or poor.

"Once a tide significantly overtops the lake, any previous lab test result is null and void. When this happens, we will change the status to unknown and may qualify it with information about the status of the sea water at that time.

"This will enable you to make an informed decision whether to enter the water or not.

"If from a lab test we know the water quality in the lake to be, poor, we will fly red flags at each end of the dam wall."