CCTV footage from an enclosure at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm in North Somerset has revealed what their resident elephants get up to at night time.

The zoo and conservation charity shared stills from footage of 18-year-old Janu and 9-year-old Sutton during bed time.

At one point, Sutton, the younger elephant, can be seen getting up and trying to get the older Janu to play, an interaction which zoo-keepers described as 'a treat to see'.

After his failed attempt to initiate playtime, a defeated Sutton lies back down and makes room for his older roommate so that they can have a cuddle together.North Somerset Times: Janu and Sutton together in the daytime.Janu and Sutton together in the daytime. (Image: Noah's Ark Zoo Farm)

Tom Lindley, Elephant Section Leader, shed some light on elephants' sleep habits, and said: "Elephants sleep for around 4-6 hours a night on average, but they won't sleep for a whole night in one go like humans do.

"They tend to sleep for between 1-2 hours in one stint, then get up and move around a little, before going down for their next bout of sleep which is almost always on their opposite side.

"This is because elephants are such large and heavy animals that if they spend too long lying on one side, it can cause pressure build up on their internal organs.

He added: "Here at the zoo, we've incorporated deep sand mounds as sleeping platforms for our elephants.

"This not only alleviates pressure on all four feet but also facilitates their movement, allowing them to rise effortlessly when they want to, unlike flat surfaces.

"Our elephants always have nocturnal access to the outdoors, never confined within the barn.

"Each elephant can freely roam the sand and grass paddocks at their leisure."