A PORTISHEAD running group are set to tackle a 16-mile challenge in memory of a "driven" teammate.

18 members from Portishead Running Club will be running from Portishead to Clevedon tomorrow (Saturday, April 27) to fundraise in memory of Dawn Guy.

They will take part in the Clevedon Parkrun before retracing their steps back to Portishead.

All funds raised will be donated to St Peter's Hospice, a charity which helped care for Dawn during her illness.

To donate, click HERE.

Dawn, who lived in Nailsea, joined Portishead Running Club a year ago when she enrolled in a Coach to 5k programme.

She then took on the programme to train to 10k, successfully completing the Clevedon Parkrun and Bristol 10k last summer.

David McCallum, on behalf of Portishead Running Club, said: “Dawn often reminisced about her summer runs along the coast and how they made her feel so alive.

"Sadly, Dawn was only with us for a short time because she became ill over the summer.

"During that time with us, Dawn made a lasting and positive impact on all in the club who knew her, and we’ve now named a trophy in her honour for our most determined runner.

"Thirty-three people have signed up to the Clevedon Parkrun and 18 of those are also running to Clevedon and back to Portishead, where we’ll have a celebration to mark the occasion.”

In June 2023, Dawn first became aware that something was wrong with her health when she began to have issues swallowing.

When her symptoms didn't improve after being treated for Reflux, she underwent further medical investigations.

She was diagnosed with late-stage stomach cancer, and her health declined rapidly.

Lee Attwood, Dawn's partner of 20 years, said: “From the moment we discovered the tumour until she passed, it was just four months."

Dawn went into the Brentry hospice in early December before briefly coming home. However, she soon returned and sadly died there on Christmas Day.
Lee added: “I’d never been to a Hospice before so I had preconceived ideas about what it would be like. I couldn’t believe how nice it is!

"The place is beautiful - I took Dawn out in the wheelchair to see the gardens and was able to bring the dog there. The staff were amazing and friendly, and the room was lovely with large doors opening out onto the garden.
“It's so sad because Dawn was just starting to find herself before she became ill. Dawn was quiet but very driven: she was in a job that she enjoyed, working as a compliance auditor at Shield Safety, and was enrolled to train to be an Environmental Health Officer. She loved the running club, completing the Bristol and Clevedon 10k.”