THE MP for North Somerset, Sir Liam Fox, has voted in support of Rishi Sunak’s Rwanda bill.

The House of Lords had been engaged in an extended tussle over the Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill on Monday, sending it back to the Commons five times in a bid to secure changes.

The unelected chamber ended the deadlock after MPs rejected a requirement that Rwanda could not be treated as safe until the secretary of state, having consulted an independent monitoring body, made a statement to Parliament to that effect.

The Government said the Lords amendment was “almost identical” to the previous ones overturned by MPs.

In a video posted to social media early on Tuesday, the Home Secretary said the Bill “will become law within days”.

He said: “The Act will prevent people from abusing the law by using false human rights claims to block removals. And it makes clear that the UK Parliament is sovereign, giving Government the power to reject interim blocking measures imposed by European courts.

“I promised to do what was necessary to clear the path for the first flight. That’s what we have done.

“Now we’re working day in and day out to get flights off the ground.”

The new law aims to clear the way to send asylum seekers who cross the Channel in small boats on a one-way flight to Kigali.

The legislation and a treaty with Rwanda are intended to prevent further legal challenges to the stalled scheme after the Supreme Court ruled the plan was unlawful.

As well as compelling judges to regard the east African country as safe, it would give ministers the power to ignore emergency injunctions.

Sir Liam Fox voted in support of the bill, which he hopes will discourage the "vile" people smugglers bringing people into the UK illegally.

Sir Liam told the North Somerset Times: "It is essential to break the financial model of the vile people smugglers by making sure that the incentive to bring people illegally to the UK is stopped.

"What is the point in having a legal migration route if, by coming illegally, you get to stay in the UK and not be removed?"