BROCKLEY's new controversial bus lane has been completed – but people say buses aren’t using it.

Work on the new bus priority scheme at Brockley Combe, which started in October and took six months to complete, has seen motorists endure weeks and weeks of roadworks.

But although the work has finished, motorists say buses are not using the new lane – and have branded it a ‘waste of money.’

Resident Andy Reynolds – who took this picture - said: “Great to see that the new bus lane that took months to build at Brockley is getting used so well by the X1, North Somerset Council.

“Another waste of money.”

Other frustrated motorists – some stuck behind the buses on the main A370 – said the new layout is ‘creating more delays’, while others claim the lane is too narrow for large double decker buses to use.

One angry motorist posted on social media: “When are we going to say No More and stop paying for these ridiculous road improvements when our roads need so much attention.”

Another added: “I think this has made the road a less safe place.”

The new bus lane stretches just 112 metres toward Bristol and 72 metres toward Weston.

North Somerset Council said the lane is being used by buses following ‘snagging work’ being carried out last week.

The authority added that the timings of the new traffic lights – which sense when a bus is coming to stop other traffic – were not correct.

A North Somerset Council spokesman said: “We’ve just completed a bus service improvement scheme in Brockley Combe and it’s currently in the snagging period.

“There were some snagging areas that we looked into last week specifically around foliage and signs which were rectified and the lane is being used by buses. 

“We have been advised that the signal timings are potentially a little off, so we need to adjust this. 

“This is not unexpected – often smart traffic systems need time to bed in.  

“As usual with these types of schemes, we’re working with the bus companies and local stakeholders should additional snags become clear over the next few weeks.

“The bus lane at Brockley is 112 metres long toward Bristol and 72 metres towards Weston. 

“This means that the bus can bypass up to 18 vehicles Bristol bound and 12 vehicles Weston bound. 

“This length was chosen after traffic research on the area and we’ve already had positive feedback from the bus company saying during high traffic at other schemes that have the additional bus lanes are having a positive effect on bus journeys.”

The scheme has also seen the current right turn into Brockley Lane removed and moved to Chelvey Road further up the A370.

Highways chiefs say the change will allow the junction to work more efficiently to deal with the increasing number of vehicles using the junction - many of which are heading to Bristol Airport.