A charity fund worth £6,000 is looking to gift money to charities and good causes across North Somerset and surrounding areas.

It is offered annually by PR company bClear Communications, with the firm using a portion of its profits.

With the fund for 2024 now open to applications, the Portishead-based company is expected to offer at least £500 each to a minimum of 12 charities.

A record number of applications were received for the fund last year, with thirteen successful recipients of £500 each.

These included BRACE Dementia Research, Gympanzees, a charity for disabled children, and VOICES, a charity for domestic abuse victims.

Yatton Infant School also received an additional £500 to help rebuild after a devastating fire.

The grant helped VOICES to fund a monthly meeting for those affected by domestic abuse, enabling them to participate in research around family courts, mental health recovery support, and the development of new resources.

Home-Start, a charity aiding young families and children, also received time from bClear employees to help its marketing efforts.

Home-Start's manager, Julie Parsons, said that "with bClear’s advice, our numbers have picked up".

North Somerset Times:

bClear's CEO and founder, Debbie Staveley, explained that launching the bClear Charity Fund during the pandemic had been particularly crucial, with many non-profit organisations struggling.

She said "By enabling local charities to apply for the funding we could find out where our support would make the most difference.

"This has worked really well over the last three years and we’re back again for 2024."

bClear has supported nearly 50 charities, both locally and nationally, in its 18 years.

It has been effective in helping charities to increase their impact, broaden their influence, and deliver much-needed assistance.

Any charities or volunteer organisations interested in applying can do so by completing the bClear fund application form and returning it to charity@bclear.co.uk.

The deadline for applications is May 31, with funds allocated in the following months.

The application form can be accessed at bClear's website.