Nursery children in Portishead took part in a marina clean up recently to honour Earth Day.

The Nursery's little ones spent their day collecting discarded plastic bottles from the town's marina and placing them in the Green Seas Trust bin, a container made completely of recycled plastic.

The children participated in the clean-up in small groups throughout the day.

The aim of this initiative was to share the importance of preserving the environment, particularly by reducing plastic pollution.

Gaye Holman, who leads The Nursery's community engagement initiatives, outlined the significance of this endeavour.

North Somerset Times: The children placed the plastic in the special bin

She said: "Earth Day is about promoting appreciation for the Earth and it’s a great opportunity to help children understand the importance of taking care of the environment.

"Today we have been talking, in very simple terms, about plastic pollution and the importance of protecting our oceans and waterways.

"To help that, we have been collecting any plastic items that have been dropped around the marina and have placed them in the special bin installed to just take plastic items which are then taken away for recycling."

The Green Seas Trust bin was provided to Portishead by The Green Seas Trust in 2021.

Not only does this bin symbolise the fight against plastic pollution, it plays a practical role in this battle too.

The bin bears the slogan 'Throw marine life a lifeline.'

It is adorned with graphics and statistics aimed at educating people about the danger of plastic pollution to marine and human life, stirring conversations about reducing plastic waste in our waters.