LISTED building consent is being sought to replace the lighting and sound infrastructure in Clevedon's historic Curzon Cinema.

The Old Church Road building is also used as a live performance venue.

The planning application, which was received by North Somerset Council on March 1, reads: "Works to include: Installation of sound, light and data facility panels and provision of connections between projection room, rear of auditorium, stage left and right, and on the balcony.

"Install a new 9ft lighting bar, suspended from structural beams of balcony and removal of existing lighting bar. Install a new mains distribution board in the projection room and 3 phase Cform power supply for 35mm projector and installation of 1no. new projection window in non-structural projection room wall."

The Design and Access statement, written by CEO of Curzon Cinema Andrew Caddy, explains further: "The proposed installation of upgraded sound and light infrastructure, together with the facility to add an additional 35mm film projector is in keeping with the designed use of the building as a cinema and live performance venue.

"Playbills from 1923 show that the cinema was used to host live performance including music recitals to accompany projected film when it was originally built.

"Upgrades to our live event equipment, whilst also being more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, will enable us to present live performances in a much more professional way, more regularly.

"We are currently unable to hire 35mm films from the British Film Institute as they require dual projection which requires switching reels between two projectors. We currently only have a single 35mm projector which we can only use for demonstrations of trailers and short films that we own.

"We have sourced a second projector and so are applying for consent to add a suitable power supply and to cut a new 680mm x 470mm projection window in the non-structural projection room wall.

"This projection window is the only permanent amendment to the fabric of the building in this application and the location and design of the window would be alongside and match existing ones.

"This installation will enable us to show feature length classic and modern film directly from 35mm film, keeping alive the skills and heritage of film projection."

Curzon Cinema has said that the plans it has submitted are mindful of the building's heritage and rich history.

The statement reads: "All of the designs submitted have been created with the heritage of the building in mind."