THE North Somerset Liberal Democrat party has named councillor Ashley Cartman (Ash) as its candidate for the forthcoming general election.

Chartered accountant Ash, who stood in the 2019 general election, explained to the North Somerset Times that he increased his vote by 80 per cent and believes that this time he has a good chance of winning.

Speaking about his "local roots" and what North Somerset means to him, Ash said: "I’ve lived in North Somerset for 15 years with my wife and family, initially in Failand, and now in Long Ashton.

"It’s more than a place to live; it’s my home, where I’ve raised my family, met my friends, and earned a living.

"I have deep local roots. I was raised in Somerset, where my parents and sister still live, and have lived most of my life in the West Country.

"Professionally, I am a chartered accountant (see LinkedIn for more detail) specialising in business growth and innovation. In the past I have also had my own business.

"I’m presently a North Somerset Councillor, representing Long Ashton Ward. I was first elected in 2019 and then re-elected in 2023 with the support of over half of all residents. In the past I have also been a Parish Councillor. In 2019 I was the North Somerset Lib Dem General election candidate.

"You can watch my 2019 campaign video here:

"I stand by everything I said then, just change ‘Boris for Rishi’ and ‘Jeremy for Keir’ and it’s all relevant today."

When asked about what specific areas he would focus on if elected, Ash, who describes himself as local, loyal, and hardworking, added: "My top three concerns are the NHS, the environment, and the economy.

"Reducing waiting lists, stopping sewage dumping, and alleviating the cost-of-living crisis are among my top priorities.

"I am committed to being a different kind of MP. Deeply engaged with residents and our communities, actively involved in local life.

"Working and living in North Somerset, going to Westminster to represent you, and then regularly reporting back. A fresh approach, real work, and real change for all of us in North Somerset.

"Getting a fair deal for my children, family, friends, and everyone in North Somerset. Across North Somerset, people from all backgrounds and walks of life are working hard, raising families, helping others, and playing by the rules – but finding it harder and harder to make ends meet. This needs to change."