NORTH Somerset Council's safer communities service is continuing to tackle anti-social behaviour at Dundry Turning Circle.

A Safer Stronger North Somerset spokesperson said: "We’re continuing to tackle anti-social behaviour at Dundry Turning Circle.

"In March the council’s contractor Glendale cleaned up the turning circle, picking up 14 bags of litter in two hours.

"The site has been an anti-social behaviour hotspot for several years, with reports of drug use, people in cars playing loud music and loitering at the circle, and littering. This has negatively impacted local residents and the environment.

"Our anti-social behaviour investigation team is working hard to tackle these problems. We are:

"Making sure people follow the Gating Order. This means anyone except residents, visitors to buildings on Hill Road, professionals providing services such as water and gas, and emergency services can be fined for going to the area.

"Working with the council’s waste team and Glendale to clean up litter that has been dumped in the area.

"Working with North Somerset Neighbourhood Policing to continue patrols at the turning circle – this has already resulted in an arrest at the turning circle.

"Thanks to all the partner agencies we’re working with to deliver these results."