There will be more electric vehicle charging points across north Somerset.

North Somerset Council secured £851,000 from the Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Fund.

The intention is to facilitate the transition to electric vehicles, particularly for individuals without off-street parking or driveways by providing more on-street charging points.

The funding aligns with the council's effort to reduce carbon emissions stipulated in the Electric Vehicle Strategy.

Cllr Hannah Young, the council's executive member for sustainable travel, said: "We are committed to supporting people to make the switch to electric vehicles in addition to improving public transport and active travel routes.

"We welcome this funding as it will make owning an electric vehicle a better option for those who don't have access to private charging points at home."

The council will appoint a charge point operator to fill in the charging network gaps, including in rural and underserved areas and council officers are identifying appropriate sites, like council car parks and on-street locations.