A school in Nailsea has planted 10 apple trees as part of a community orchard project.

Thatchers' community orchard project is supporting various community groups, charities, and schools with their tree planting efforts.

The trees donated to Ravenswood School include several types of apple varieties, encompassing both eating apples and cider apples.

North Somerset Times: The school was donated 10 apple treesThe school was donated 10 apple trees (Image: Ravenswood School)

They include the popular eating apple, Cox and the favoured cooking apple, Bramley.

This donation marks the fourth year of Thatchers' involvement in the Community Orchard Project.

This year, the cider maker is making a donation of 500 trees to various community organisations.

Students will get a chance to pick their own apples, adding to their daily healthy snack intake and incorporating them into their catering classes.

Fourth generation cider maker, Martin Thatcher, who planted his first apple tree in Somerset at the age of, said: "From a single apple tree to a community orchard, it can make such a difference to people’s well-being which is why we’re delighted to be donating these apple trees through our Community Orchard Project."

Ravenswood School offers education to pupils dealing with complex and severe learning difficulties, as well as those diagnosed with autism.

The students at the school also have an education, health, and care plan.

A June 2023 Ofsted report highlighted the school for its inclusivity, stating it "has high aspirations for all pupils."