“TAKEOVR”, a console e-sports and gaming arena, will be opening it’s doors on April 5th.

The new, state-of-the-art gaming venue is located on Nailsea’s High Street, and will include a main gaming arena containing 16 desks, along with two smaller battle rooms that will be available to hire.

Local gamers will have access to 16 Playstation 5s and 16 Nintendo Switches throughout the three rooms, as well as the opportunity to organise bring your own’ board game sessions at the arena.

The new arena is an exciting development for an area that may sometimes get left behind by the world of technology.

Sonny Collet, Arena Manager at TAKEOVR, said: “North Somerset usually gets overlooked for this kind of thing, so we wanted to change that and bring something new and different to our hometown of Nailsea, giving young people and gamers of all ages a sociable and fun outlet for their passion.”

North Somerset Times: The gaming arena will consist of 16 desks.The gaming arena will consist of 16 desks. (Image: TAKEOVR)

“We’re also looking for ideas from the gamers out there to tell us what they want to see from the arena in future.

“We’re aiming to build a big community of gamers from the local area where even the most niche game could prove a popular theme night.”

The e-sports and gaming firm will be running events, tournaments, birthday parties, themed nights, family sessions and more, and aims to provide a space that appeals to both casual and competitive gamers.

TAKEOVR will also be looking to upgrade and improve their games systems as and when technology improves, stating on their website they would like to add PCs to the set up when it is a viable option.

The opening night of gaming will be on Friday April 5th, followed by Fortnite, Mario Kart and Call of Duty nights, as well as a gaming themed giveaway worth £500 which can be entered through the TAKEOVR website.