An African bull elephant has safely arrived at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm.

Uli, from Magdeburg, Germany, is now settling into Elephant Eden, the UK's largest elephant facility.

At 13-years-old, Uli becomes the fourth male elephant housed at the innovative 20-acre zoo.

Joining 32-year-old Shaka, 18-year-old Janu, and nine-year-old Sutton, Uli's relocation marks an important phase in his development.

He has been prepared to join a breeding group under the European endangered species programme for African elephants.

His presence will significantly bolster the Zoo's ongoing conservation efforts.

North Somerset Times: Uli, from Magdeburg, Germany, is now settling into Elephant Eden, the UK's largest elephant

For over a decade, Noah's Ark Zoo Farm has played a pivotal role in the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP) for these magnificent creatures.

The facility offers a vast environment for individual males to integrate into a multi-generational group.

Here, they can learn from their peers and exhibit natural behaviours.

Elephant section leader at Noah’s Ark, Tom Lindley said: "Noah’s Ark provides a much needed environment for Uli's growth.

"Young bulls like Uli benefit immensely from the presence of older, more experienced bulls who are behavioural role models.

"As he matures, Uli will play a role in mentoring younger bulls, contributing to the group dynamics and the welfare of our elephant community."

Mr Lindley added: "We have a detailed integration plan in place for Uli’s arrival.

"Like Sutton, who was our last new arrival, Uli will be gradually introduced to the other males to ensure a smooth transition into the group."

North Somerset Times:

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, alongside zoos across Europe, recognises the critical importance of population management in accredited zoos to support global initiatives aimed at protecting African Elephants.

Larry Bush, managing director of Noah’s Ark said: "We are very excited to welcome Uli to Noah’s Ark.

"Elephants are extraordinary creatures, and it’s a privilege to be able to support him in this vital part of his development."

The zoo recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of Elephant Eden, marking its crucial role in the wellbeing of elephants in zoo environments.

Dr Jo Judge, CEO of BIAZA, said: "Noah’s Ark provides an outstanding environment where Uli can thrive.

"Zoo’s such as Noah’s Ark are at the forefront of the fight to conserve elephants now and into the future."