A man from Somerset is looking to bring a mobile sauna to North Somerset.

Paul Kelly, based in Clevedon, believes that a mobile sauna can be a great night out – he's even already started converting a horsebox into a wood fired hotbox.

He was inspired in 2020 to pursue this when he visited Brighton Beach Box, a wood fired sauna on Brighton Beach, and decided from that point that he wanted to bring this pleasure to Somerset.

Paul Kelly said: “The recent evidence on the positive health impacts is incredible!

“According to a long-term study in Finland (the home of Sauna) some of the benefits include improved heart health, mental health, positive effects on dementia and overall longevity!

“Plus, more time outside - especially when combined with cold water – is a brilliant and addictive experience!”

A fundraiser has been set up to help cover the cost of the sauna's construction, with over £2000 already being pledged.

Paul said: “It's a social enterprise, so any profit will go back into making the sessions more affordable and accessible for as many people across the community as possible.”

Paul plans for the sauna stove emissions to be offset by giving to local green initiatives: “We want this to be a low-impact asset to the community – and we'll use questionnaires and social media polls to gauge where and when to offer the sauna...that's the beauty of being mobile!”

For more information and to donate to the crowd fund, visit here.