CLEVEDON Pier is extending its opening hours so that even more people can soak up its "stunning views" every day of the week.

A spokesperson from the Clevedon Pier team said: "We're thrilled to announce that Clevedon Pier is extending its hours for even more opportunities to enjoy our coastal landmark!

"Starting from Monday, March 24, we're adjusting our opening times to accommodate visitors every day of the week.

"Whether you're planning a weekday outing or a weekend adventure, Clevedon Pier welcomes you with open arms and stunning views.

"Here's a breakdown of our new opening hours, seven days a week:

"Monday to Friday.

- Opening Time: 10:00am;

- Closing Time: 4:30pm;

- Last Entry: 4:00pm.

"Come soak up the tranquility of Clevedon Pier with extended hours from Monday to Friday. Take a leisurely stroll along the pier, breathe in the fresh sea air, and revel in the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

"Saturday and Sunday.

- Opening Time: 10:00am;

- Closing Time: 5:00pm;

- Last Entry: 4:30pm.

"With extended hours until 5:00pm, you have plenty of time to explore every nook and cranny of this historic structure. From family outings to romantic strolls, Clevedon Pier offers something special for everyone."