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Ears2hear Weston-super-Mare earwax removal

North Somerset Times:

I am a qualified experience diagnostic audiologist.

I worked in Weston General Hospital for over 14 1/2 years and in the high street doing NHS and private audiology and earwax removal for over 4 1/2 years.

You will see a skilled audiologist performing ear health procedures with the care and attention your ears deserve. Someone you can trust.

Book a consultation online today. 

We do in-store earwax removals and diagnostic hearing tests for £55, and home visits starting from £89

The Industry barbers, 28 Boulevard Inside, Weston-super-Mare BS23 1NF

 07402 149640




Natasha Pester Therapy

North Somerset Times:

Natasha Pester is a professional hypnotherapist with ten years experience helping people face to face in Weston super Mare and online.

Fully insured, qualified and accredited, Natasha also trains and supervises other hypnotherapists. She can help you or your child with stress, overthinking and anxiety, fears and phobias, health anxieties and nerves around flying, medical and dental appointments. She gives her clients tools to take away and use, empowering them to help themselves. Look out for her self-hypnosis courses in the Weston area. Free consultations are available, visit website to book!

Natasha Pester Therapy

01934 420071

07736 413314




Dental Spa 25

North Somerset Times:

Discovering Wellness through Dental Excellence at DentalSpa25

 Located centrally in Weston-Super-Mare, DentalSpa25 isn't just a dental practice; it's a haven meticulously designed for those prioritising health and well-being. Owners Gloria and Ronald seamlessly blend their passion for patient-focused dentistry into the local healthcare community.

 At DentalSpa25, each patient receives personalised attention and tailored treatments, recognizing the vital link between oral health and overall well-being. Comprehensive consultations ensure every aspect of oral health is addressed.

DentalSpa25's compassionate team specialises in easing dental anxiety through gentle techniques and a supportive environment, offering routine cleanings and check-ups to advanced procedures such as teeth whitening, dental implants, orthodontics and facial aesthetics, we offer everything under one roof.

Here at DentalSpa25, our friendly staff assists in maximising the benefits of offering Denplan.

Experience dental care redefined at DentalSpa25, where excellence, comfort, and personalized attention converge to promote overall wellness.

Embark on a journey to a healthier, happier smile today! Book your appointment now

Dental Spa 25


01934 627319


Meadows & Wood Hearing Care Specialists

North Somerset Times:

We provide tinnitus treatment, earwax removal, and hearing aid fitting and management, including comprehensive aftercare.  If you are concerned about your ear health, struggling to understand those you spend time with, or simply need a routine check-up, we can help.

Book a consultation today with one of our expert audiologists.

We have clinics in Worle, Weston-super-Mare, Portishead, and Bristol. Our centres are fully equipped and any clinician you see is guaranteed to be not only skilled and experienced but, just as importantly, they take the time to perform procedures with the care and attention you deserve.

Phone: 01934 248426

Email: info@meadowswood.co.uk

Website: www.meadowswood.co.uk