A BACKWELL gin distillery born out of the Covid pandemic is hoping to get Somerset "on the map."

Somerset Distillery was set up by friends Simon Green, Steve Downey, Dave Stanley and Allan Smith. All four men had their lives impacted by the Covid pandemic, leading to the birth of the county distillery in 2020.

Starting from the ground up, the group, most of whom have a background in the hospitality sector, now sell a variety of London Dry Gin, with a focus on quality over quantity.

Steve, who was the driving force behind setting up the company, said: "It's a tough market.

"We look for upmarket shops where we can sell our gin, it's exclusive.

"We are keen to get Somerset on the map."

North Somerset Times: The company's mascot is a cast iron rat, which was given to the founders as a present.The company's mascot is a cast iron rat, which was given to the founders as a present. (Image: Simon Green)

The brand is available in stockists across North Somerset and Somerset, including Givino Wine & Gin in Frome, Queen of Cups in Glastonbury and Rich's Cider in Highbridge, to name a few.

The company even has stockists outside of the South West, in areas like Clitheroe and Manchester.

Steve, whose favourite gin is The Leveller, explained that it is one of the company's goals to have its product sold in Bristol Airport, which could help raise awareness of the brand and draw in more Somerset visitors.

Somerset Distillery sets itself apart from big competing brands by focusing on flavour and the quality of ingredients.

North Somerset Times: The company launched in 2020.The company launched in 2020. (Image: Simon Green)

The brand's website explains further: "We were aiming for extra dimensions to clearly set our small batch, craft gin apart from others. 

"Rather than rely on our choice of botanicals for the flavours, we made a determined effort to utilise the essence found with certain alcohols that are produced during distillation.

"The result, as you will find, is a clean, juniper led London dry gin, that is balanced throughout the slurp yet lingers smoothly with a slight aniseed, angelica and modest citrus finish. 

"There has been little change to distilling methods since the early 19th century and by using traditional skills with technology and research of the 21st century, our small batch production distillery has broken some rules to enhance flavour, consistency and quality.

"We cannot compete with big alcohol on price, but we can on flavour and that is what this is all about."