Major plans to preserve a historic cottage could see it completely re-rendered.

Causeway House in Yatton dates back to the 1600s, as a humble cottage with just two rooms downstairs and two upstairs and possibly no glass in its windows.

It has seen a number of extensions and alterations over the years but remains one of few buildings of its age in the area.

But now work needs to be done to preserve it. A statement submitted with a planning application to North Somerset Council said: “The render on the house and outbuilding is cracked and, in some places, missing.

"The paint is also badly weathered. The flat roof above one of the rear bay windows is loose and water has penetrated its wooden structure. Some of the gutters to the rear, particularly above the bay windows, has rusted through.

“All these issues are resulting in damp problems.”

You can view and comment on the application here:

The statement said: “It is therefore important to conduct repairs to mitigate these risks and help preserve the property for the long term.”

There is currently a cement based render on the house, but this could be totally removed with a natural hydraulic lime render — the historic practice for such old buildings — applied instead. The statement said: “This will restore an historical finish for long-term preservation, with no change to the external appearance.”

The renovation will also replace a flat roof and update the gutters.