CLEVEDON Marine Lake will close next month for one of its bi-annual drains.

A spokesperson from Clevedon Marine Lake said: "From 1pm on March 2 the lake will be closed for one of our bi-annual lake drains.

"It takes around 7 hours to fully empty.

"Litter picking of the lake bed and rescuing of fish and eels which haven’t left will commence from 9:00am on Sunday, March 3.

"If you would like to volunteer and help with this you will be very welcome, we also need a handful of people to help from 1pm on Saturday, if that could be you please email us at to let us know.

"A digger will be working throughout the week to scoop up the mud and dump it over the wall, back into the estuary from where it came.

"We expect the lake to re-fill with the high tide at around 18:32 on Saturday, March 9, unless we have a low pressure in which case it may over top on the early morning high tide at 6.05am that morning."