BLAGDON residents have been urged to share any information with the police following the vandalism of the village's public toilets.

During the half term break, the toilets were targeted by vandals, who drew large graffiti tags on both.

The parish council has said that it is becoming increasingly difficult to cover the cost of repairs, and that something must be done to prevent more of this happening in the future.

Lindsay Mennell Keating, from the parish council, said: "The parish council has reported the incident to the local police but would encourage residents to share any information they may have so that the police can take action.

"This is not the first time the toilets and bus shelter have been vandalised and the cost of repairs is becoming increasingly difficult to cover from a small maintenance budget.

"We all end up paying for the clean up costs through our precept and local taxes. Please help us to put an end to this."