NORTH Somerset residents are being warned of scam phone being made from Nailsea phone numbers.

The pre-recorded calls claim to be from your bank.

A spokesperson from Nailsea Town Council said: "Residents are warned to be careful of scam phone calls being made from Nailsea phone numbers, purporting to be from their bank. These calls have been made in the last week.

"The calls are pre-recorded and advise of a recent bank transaction (such as the transfer of £1,000) or say there is a problem with a payment, and then invite the person called to find out more by calling back or by pressing a number.

"These messages are scam calls! Any attempt to call back or to press the number requested will either result in a very expensive phone call or an attempt to steal money direct from the resident’s bank account.

"It is likely that the calls are not really from Nailsea phone numbers; the scammers have a way to make it look like a local call as a means of looking more legitimate (spoofing)."