A MADNESS singer has named two newly-born Dorset Lambs at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm.

Lambing season at the registered charity has begun.

After announcing the names of the first trio of lambs, called Bounty, Bon Bon and Lollipop, the Wraxall zoo caught the attention of BBC Radio 2.

During her Saturday morning show, Claudia Winkleman spoke to the zoo and encouraged listeners to submit their own name suggestions.

Guest on the show, Suggs from Madness, was asked to give his ideas. Suggs opted for the adorable names of Curly and Wurly.

Farm animal keeper at the zoo, Andrew Edgell, took a shine to the singer's suggestion and also another listener’s suggestion, which was Wispa.

As more lambs are born over the coming weeks, the zoo will use some of the remaining suggestions Claudia shared on the show.

The newborn lambs can be found at the zoo's Farm Barn.