Two artists from North Somerset are using are celebrating the University of Bristol Botanic Garden in a three month exhibition.

Stephanie Gay, a Portishead-based artist, and Chi-Yien Snow from Clevedon are showcasing their love for the site through their individual artistic styles.

Ms Gay specialises in painting on silk, while Ms Snow uses a variety of media including oils, acrylic, and pen and ink.

Recalling her personal connections with the garden that first sparked the idea for the exhibition, Ms Gay said: "I have extremely fond memories of visits to the garden as a child with my father, who worked at the University.

"I met Chi-Yien through Clevedon Art Club and we started taking day trips together to find artistic inspiration.

"I thought she would love the Botanic Garden so we paid a visit.

"Sure enough, the idea of a collaborative exhibition was born".

North Somerset Times: £9 for adults and free for children

The three month-long exhibition, starting in February at The Square Club in Berkeley Square, Bristol, aims to celebrate and pay visual tribute to the botanical garden.

Ms Gay's work, characteristically vibrant and bold, found resonance in the subject material that the Botanic Garden offered.

Her artistic prowess is reflected in the awards she has previously bagged including ‘Clevedon Artist of the Year 2022’ and ‘Berkshire Life Landscape Artist of the Year’ in 2017.

Ms Snow is no stranger to the local art scene as well, having exhibited her work in the surrounding areas and earning a spot twice on Sky Arts ‘Landscape Artist of the Year’ programme.

Her artistry extends to a broad spectrum, from big brush strokes and robust colour patterns to intricate black and white drawings made solely of minuscule vertical lines.

The exhibition, ‘LUSH - 1 Garden, 2 Artists’ is open to the public from February 15 to April 30. Entry to the exhibition at the Square Club is free.

The University of Bristol Botanic Garden is open to the public all year round, adult tickets are priced at £9, while children can attend free of charge.

Opening hours vary throughout the year.