DURING North Somerset's recent soaking, two pensioners took it upon themselves to tackle the flooding on Clevedon's Old Church Road.

Armed with a wooden pole and by use of their bare hands, the pensioners, one of whom was 77, cleared all of the leaves, debris and litter from the blocked drains so that the water would subside.

Road drainage problems can be reported online at www.n-somerset.gov.uk/drainage.

North Somerset Council has thanked these individuals for their hard work.

A council spokesperson said: "We would like to thank these people for their help. It has been an incredibly wet few months and as a result we have received a high number of reports of flooding. We aim to prioritise these and get to them all as quickly as possible.


North Somerset Times: Flooded Clevedon.Flooded Clevedon. (Image: Sam Field)

"We have a gully and drainage maintenance programme but the extremely wet conditions have put extra pressure on the system causing a number of flooding incidents.

"We maintain around 44,000 gullies on the public highway, as well as their connections to the drainage system along roads."