A NORTH Somerset resident has claimed that Bristol Airport's car parking prices are "astronomical."

From Thursday, January 4, the cost of the Drop & Go car park for a 10-minute stay increased from £5 to £6.

It was hoped that this increase would result in a rapid turnover of vehicles rather than longer stay lengths, since this can cause congestion with people waiting for spaces.

Speaking about the price increase, the resident said that it is "way over the inflation rate."

They said: "The airport’s response to this hike in parking fees was to say it is to reduce congestion. How does that work? 

"If you live a long way from the airport you use your car and pay the astronomical long stay parking charges. If you are lucky enough to be on a bus route you will continue to use the bus.

"The rest of us are forced to endure the short stay car park robbery. 

"The short stay car park really is unavoidable to use for many and an absolute rip off and is blatantly just a way for them to make a quick buck."

A spokesperson from Bristol Airport has said: “The Drop and Go car park, situated adjacent to the terminal, is space constrained and customers stay lengths are restricted to allow customers the option of dropping off family and friends, but it is not intended for customers to remain in location for longer periods of time.

"Other car parks are designed for customers wishing to stay longer e.g. Short Stay and Pick-up car park where customers can remain for 30 minutes for the same fee tariff of £6.00.

"It is possible to drop off and pick up passengers by using the free one hour Waiting Zone, without incurring any car parking fees and customers can use the courtesy transport transfer to and from the terminal.

"Residents living in North Somerset are also able to take advantage of the WestLink (on demand) bus service. 

"Recently the A3 Weston Flyer bus service has extended its route to operate from Worle Train Station further expanding the choice for residents wishing to use public transport connections.”