THE leader of North Somerset Council has said that he is concerned about the level of flood water coming off the Mendips following Storm Henk this week.

In just four days, some parts of the region have had about half of the usual amount of rainfall for the entire month on January.

Localised flooding has taken place in Wrington, Sandford, Portbury, Portishead, and Flax Bourton.

Flood water is still running off the Mendips, which could impact Churchill, Langford, Sandford and Banwell.

The council has said that it has secured two additional high-powered jetters to help with clearance work and drain maintenance.

If you need to report a case of flooding, you can do so on the North Somerset Council website.

Alternatively, you can call 01934 888 888 during office hours and 01934 622 669 during out of office hours. If it looks like a property it is going to flood, please call 999.

Cllr Mike Bell, leader of North Somerset Council, said: "We've had a lot of rain this week - on the back of a wet December. Some parts of North Somerset have had about half of our usual rainfall for the month of January in just four days.

"This means that surface and ground water levels remain high across North Somerset and therefore we don’t have the usual levels of resilience in the drainage systems.

"Rivers are also flowing above usual levels for this time of year meaning it is difficult to deal with significant additional rainfall.

"We’ve already experienced localised flooding this week, including in Long Ashton, Wrington, Sandford, Portbury, Portishead and Flax Bourton.

"We are especially concerned about the amount of water running off the Mendips at the moment, which is likely to impact Churchill, Langford, Sandford and Banwell.

"North Somerset Council teams are continuing our programme of cyclical gulley and drain maintenance on our 697 miles of road and we have also secured two additional high-powered jetters to support our clearance work in the coming days.

"The council is also responsible for monitoring critical flood infrastructure such as Summer Lane Ponds, flood storage at Wrington and the Haywood Reservoir, all of which are working as required at the moment."